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    Just as quality has always been highly prized within the company, so, too, has innovation. We have pushed the boundaries of innovation in velocity, accuracy, precision, and power to create the very best ammunition.

    Today we are proud to offer a wide range of ammunition including Rimfire, Centerfire and Shotshells with a future that has never looked brighter.

    Our Craftsmanship
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    Six Decades of Tradition

    After sixty years of growth and innovation, we are proud to offer a wide range of ammunition including Rimfire, Centerfire and Shotshells with a future that has never looked brighter.

    1. Aguila Manufacturing begins production in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico

    2. Aguila creates and produces the world’s first Minishell® (1 ¾” 12-gauge Shotshell).

    3. Tecnos partners with TXAT as an exclusive distributor and begins a facility-wide MODOP (modernization and optimization) project to truly redefine ammunition production and reliability.

    4. Aguila creates the ultra-quiet first powderless 22 Colibri

    5. During the 22 shortage, Aguila solidifies itself as one of the largest rimfire manufacturers in the world.

    6. 1st annual Copa Aguila is held in Acapulco, Mexico (sporting clays, rimfire and 3-gun).

    7. Aguila launches its first U.S. branding and marketing campaign in January. TXAT finalizes and begins production in a second manufacturing facility located in Conroe, TX, USA. Aguila & TXAT are awarded the 2016 NASGW Importer of the Year Award. Now the largest shooting tournament in all Latin America, the 2nd-annual Copa Aguila is held in Guadalajara, MX.

    8. Aguila & TXAT are recipients of the 2017 NASGW Importer of the Year Award. Aguila wins the 2017 Graphis® Award for the Minishell® packaging and TV spot.

    9. TXAT & Aguila host the 1st-annual Aguila Cup in Decatur, TX (the U.S. counterpart to Copa Aguila) and are recipients of the 2018 NASGW Importer of the Year Award.

    10. Aguila reintroduces the 5mm Remington, and hosts the 2nd-Annual Aguila Cup in Decatur, TX

    Aguila sponsored events

    Copa aguila

    For over four years, Aguila Ammunition has been the proud host of the Copa Aguila, held annually in September in sunny Guadalajara, Mexico.

    The event is held at Club Cinegetico Jalisciense and welcomes over 500 shooters and their families, from Mexico, the United States, Spain, Columbia and many parts of Latin America. Consisting of Sporting Clays, Five-Stand, 3-Gun and Rimfire, each category is broken into various shooting divisions with cash prize and packages totaling $85,000 USD.

    Created for all shooting disciplines and skill levels, the Copa Aguila is an opportunity to enjoy a fun-filled week complete with family, friends, food and of course, some friendly shooting competition.

    Aguila Cup U.S.

    As Copa Aguila’s U.S.- counterpart, the Inaugural Aguila® Cup was successfully held in June 2018 at Fossil Pointe Sporting Grounds.

    With over 400 registered shooters in attendance, the 3-day multidiscipline-shooting tournament ran from June 14th-17th and consisted of Sporting Clays, Five Stand, FITASC, 3-Gun, and Rimfire categories. Each category was broken into various shooting divisions with cash and prize packages totaling $65,000 were awarded.

    The Aguila Cup also featured NSSF First Shots programs for new shooters and a private Thousand Horses concert on Saturday night.

    Other Aguila Sponsored U.S. Events

    Aguila is committed to the future and success of this industry and support organizations dedicated to helping us grow the shooting sports. We encourage all efforts made to increase participation among every type of shooter, including youth and women.

    • S.A.L.E Shoot – San Antonio, Texas
    • World Skeet Championships – San Antonio, Texas
    • National Sporting Clays Championships – San Antonio, Texas
    • Houston Boy Scouts – Texas
    • Texas 3-Gun – Texas
    • Texas State Skeet Championships – Texas
    • Texas State Sporting Clays Championships – Texas
    • First Shots Program NSSF

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