Named for the process of packing the priming compound into the rim of the cartridge, rimfire rounds are limited to lower pressures and lighter weights — making them an inexpensive and easily accessible round.

    Manufactured using Aguila Prime technology, which is engineered and tested to Olympic shooting standards, Aguila's rimfire cartridges are meticulously formed for performance and perfection. Clean combustible powders, maximum output at controlled pressures, and a strict quality assurance program all add up to give shooters the Aguila Advantage.

    Our rimfire ammunition is manufactured to ensure optimal reliability, accuracy, and performance. It features Aguila Prime technology, which is engineered and tested to Olympic shooting standards.

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    CaliberBullet TypeweightApplication
    22 LR HIGH VELOCITY Copper Plated Solid Point40 GrainTarget/Range
    22 LR HOLLOW POINT Copper Plated Hollow Point38 GrainTarget/Range
    22 LR SUBSONIC Lead Solid Point40 GrainTarget/Range
    22 LR STANDARD VELOCITY Lead Solid Point40 GrainTarget/Range
    22 LR SUPERMAXIMUM Copper Plated Solid Point30 GrainTarget/Range
    22 LR INTERCEPTOR Copper Plated Solid Point40 GrainTarget/Range
    22 ShortCopper Plated Solid Point29 GrainTarget/Range
    22 LR TARGET COMPETITIONLead Solid Point40 GrainCompetition
    22 LR SUPERMAXIMUMCopper Plated Hollow Point30 GrainTarget/RangePredator/Varmint
    22 LR INTERCEPTORCopper Plated Hollow Point40 GrainTarget/RangePredator/Varmint
    22 LR SUBSONIC Lead Hollow Point38 GrainTarget/RangePredator/Varmint
    22 Win MagSemi-Jacketed Soft Point40 GrainTarget/RangePredator/Varmint
    22 LR Sniper SubsonicLead Solid Point60 GrainTarget/Range
    22 LR COLIBRILead Bullet20 GrainTarget/Range
    22 LR SUPER COLIBRI Lead Bullet20 GrainTarget/Range
    5MMSemi-Jacketed Hollow Point30 GrainTarget/RangePredator/Varmint
    5MMJacketed Hollow Point30 GrainTarget/RangePredator/Varmint
    22 Win AutoLead Bullet45 GrainTarget/RangePredator/Varmint

    About our Rimfire Ammo

    For most of us, memories of our first firearm experiences were likely while being taught by a parent or grandparent. They taught you to be safe. They taught you to respect the weapon. They taught you good sportsmanship and the finer points of aiming, breathing and trigger control. Chances are, they taught you on a rimfire rifle or pistol. There’s a reason why virtually every firearm collection includes at least one rimfire arm. Their no-nonsense design, unintimidating recoil, pinpoint accuracy and incredible versatility make them the firearms of choice for many entry-level shooters, high-level competitors and varmint hunters.

    Aguila’s lineup fulfills far too many roles to count for the rimfire shooter. From plinking at soda cans on a Sunday afternoon to posting score in collegiate competition, Aguila is there. From Fall squirrel hunting in the country to vermin control in the suburbs, Aguila is there. From a cost-effective training option for security and police agencies to teaching your granddaughter to shoot her first firearm, Aguila is there as well. As long as you continue to find ways to make use of that trusty rimfire firearm, we will never stop looking for innovative ways to expand our rimfire offering.

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