At Aguila, only the best materials enter our factory and only the best products leave it. We have a careful and extensive process of sourcing raw materials to ensure everything we create provides unparalleled performance.

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    CaliberBullet TypeweightApplication
    223 REMFull Metal Jacket55 GrainTarget/RangeSmall Game
    5.56Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail62 GrainTarget/RangeSmall Game
    5.56 BP300Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail (Bulk Pack)55 GrainTarget/Range
    5.56 GREEN TIP M855 BP300Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail62 GrainTarget/Range
    30 CARBINEFull Metal Jacket110 GrainTarget/RangeVarmints
    300 AAC BLACKOUTFull Metal Jacket150 GrainTarget/Range
    308 WINFull Metal Jacket Boat Tail150 GrainTarget/Range
    7.62Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail150 GrainTarget/Range
    6.5 CREEDMOORFull Metal Jacket Boat Tail140 GrainTarget/Range

    About our Rifle Ammo

    Rifles represent the pinnacle of capacity, power, distance, accuracy and versatility. Though they may take many forms, their longer barrels are able to extract the most out of a cartridge. From complete powder burn to longer contact times between the rifling and the projectile, rifles are uniquely suited to putting a cartridge to its ultimate test. This is a challenge that we at Aguila are happy to accept.

    Our rifle cartridge offering has been created to deliver the highest degree of reliability and performance to the shooter across the widest array of modern firearms. Geared primarily for the tactical shooter, multi-gun competitor and for the rifle training enthusiast, we have dedicated decades of research into a range of cartridges sharing a common heritage of innovation and quality control. From our consistent pressures and velocities to our reliable chambering and ignition, you can count on Aguila for a cartridge that will extract the most from your favorite rifle or carbine. Never being satisfied to rest on our accomplishments, we are always looking for opportunities to supplement our offering of popular legacy cartridges, .308 Winchester and .223 Remington for example, with the rising stars of this generation, such as 6.5 Creedmoor and .300 Blackout. We are looking forward to showing you what we have in mind next!

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