At Aguila, only the best materials enter our factory and only the best products leave it. We have a careful and extensive process of sourcing raw materials to ensure everything we create provides unparalleled performance.

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    CaliberBullet TypeweightApplication
    25 AUTOFull Metal Jacket50 GrainTarget/Range
    32 AUTOFull Metal Jacket71 GrainTarget/Range
    32 S&WLead Solid Point98 GrainTarget/Range
    380 AUTOFull Metal Jacket95 GrainTarget/Range
    380 AUTOJacketed Hollow Point90 GrainPersonal Defense
    38 SPECIALFull Metal Jacket130 GrainTarget/Range
    38 SUPER AUTO +PFull Metal Jacket130 GrainTarget/Range
    9MMFull Metal Jacket115 GrainTarget/Range
    9MMFull Metal Jacket124 GrainTarget/Range
    9MMJacketed Hollow Point124 GrainPersonal Defense
    9MM SUBSONICFull Metal Jacket Flat Point147 GrainTarget/Range
    357 MAGNUMSemi-Jacketed Soft Point158 GrainTarget/Range
    40 S&WFull Metal Jacket Flat Nose180 GrainTarget/Range
    45 AUTOFull Metal Jacket230 GrainTarget/Range
    45 COLTSoft Point200 GrainTarget/Range
    10mm AutoFull Metal Jacket180 GrainTarget/Range

    About our Handgun Ammo

    There are few firearms more personal than a handgun. Light, agile, fast and concealable, handguns combine an enormous amount of versatility and performance in a very small package. It is of little wonder that they evolved into the defensive weapon of choice in the wilds or at home. More than anything, a quality handgun should inspire confidence. Confidence begins with training, and training requires the right ammunition.

    Our centerfire pistol ammunition lineup was conceived with a singular mission— reliability. When we talk about reliability, understand that we are not talking simply about primer ignition. While ignition is certainly critical, reliability is a symphony that is woven into each phase of the cartridge’s life. Feeding, chambering, ignition, extraction, velocity, accuracy, expansion, retained mass… this is what we mean when we talk about reliability. Reliability builds confidence, whether in training or in the crucial moments of personal defense, and confidence is our commitment to you.

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