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    At Aguila, only the best materials enter our factory and only the best products leave it.

    We’ve never drawn a line between the shots you take in training, in competition, on the hunt, in self defense or just out plinking. To us, they’re all the same. They’re the shots you take when you expect reliable chambering and ignition. They’re the shots you take when you want consistent velocity and accuracy. They’re the shots you take when compatibility with your favorite guns can make or break the day. They’re the shots you take, and that is all that matters to us.

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    rimfire bullet

    Rimfire ammunition predates virtually every other metallic cartridge. They say it has reached its technological peak, that there’s no room to improve and that all rimfire brands are created equal. Well, that’s what they say.

    At Aguila, we are proving that notion wrong on a daily basis. Our growing rimfire lineup of Sport Shooting, Olympic Match Grade, Powderless Subsonics and Hunting cartridges is the result of our relentless pursuit of what is possible. Available in an array of popular calibers, Aguila Rimfire loads are among the most expansive and capable lineups found anywhere.

    Products Include:

    • Long and Short, Standard and Magnum, Pistol and Rifle
    • Plinking, Target and Olympic Match Competition loads
    • Lead and Copper, Soft-nose, Hollow Point and Fully Copper Jacketed
    • Standard, High and Magnum Velocity Cartridges
    • Brass and Nickel Cased Cartridges
    • Supersonic and Subsonic, Powderless and Specialized Sniper Subsonic
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    rimfire bullet

    Handguns find themselves in virtually every type of shooting sport, as well as personal defense, Law Enforcement and even Military applications. It is for this reason that Aguila has built one of the broadest selections of centerfire handgun ammunition in the world’s most popular calibers.

    Whether your weapon of choice is a lightweight .25 or .32, a popular .380 or 9mm, a .40 cal duty weapon or the devastating .357 magnum, .45 or even 10mm, we’ve got your back. Headed to the multi-gun match? Teaching a family member to shoot a handgun for the first time? Choosing a concealed carry or home defense load? You’ll find ammo for all of that and more in Aguila’s complete lineup of standard, +P and magnum training, competition and defensive loads.

    Products Include:

    • Full Metal Jacket, Round and Flat Nosed Training Cartridges
    • Soft Nose, Semi-Jacketed and Hollow Point Defense Loads
    • Training, Carry, Duty and even Cowboy Action Cartridges
    • Standard, +P, Magnum and Subsonic Velocities
    • Revolver, Semi-Auto and Pistol Caliber Carbine Cartridges
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    rimfire bullet

    Rifle, no pun intended, is a loaded term. From vintage lever actions, to tactical carbines, to extreme long range bolt guns, rifles occupy an important place across all hunting and sporting disciplines. With their longer ranges, heightened accuracy and higher capacities, they are at home on the hunt, in defensive roles and in competition.

    Aguila’s array of Centerfire Rifle Loads was developed from the ground up to satisfy the broad range of roles that rifles play. From your vintage M1 carbine to your modern AR-15, from your trusty hunting rifle to your highly tuned competition rifle, we have the load you need. Available in many popular chamberings, both civilian and NATO, our focus is on consistency, performance and reliability.

    Products Include:

    • Full Metal Jacket Training and Match Cartridges
    • Soft Nose, Semi-Jacketed and Hollow Point Tactical Loads
    • Hunting, Training and Competition Cartridges
    • Standard, Magnum and Subsonic Velocities
    • Bolt-Action Rifle and Semi-Automatic Carbine Loads
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    rimfire bullet

    There is nothing more American than spending a day outdoors with friends or family on a hunt. Whether wing shooting or stalking larger game, a trusty shotgun and the right ammunition is key. Shotguns are also a go-to choice for home defense and Law Enforcement. Let’s not forget the long legacy of clay target shooting and the growing popularity of 3-gun competition.

    Shotguns may be among the oldest of arms, but their story is far from complete. Aguila has worked hard to create one of the most extensive and unique shotshell product lines to be found anywhere. Whether you are hunting dove or quail, turkey or pheasant, deer or boar… or even just some clays on the weekend, we have the load that’s right for you, your gun and the conditions you’ll encounter. Products Include:

    • 1-¾” 12 gauge Minishells in #71/2, #8 and #9 shot
    • Birdshot, Buckshot and Slug Cartridges
    • 12, 16, 20 and 28 gauge, as well as .410 Bore
    • Standard and Low-Recoil Velocities
    • Sporting Clays, Trap, Skeet and Pigeon loads
    • Training, Competition and Game Loads
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