Plinko De Mayo

    Aguila® is announcing a new holiday to celebrate our Mexican heritage and being the largest rimfire manufacturer in the world, Plinko De Mayo!!

    What is Plinko De Mayo?

    Plinko De Mayo refers to informal target shooting done for pleasure, typically at non-standard targets such as tin cans, logs, bottles, or any other homemade or naturally occurring target using Aguila’s 22 LR ammunition.

    When is Plinko De Mayo?

    Plinko De Mayo is a yearly celebration held on May 5.

    What makes Plinko De Mayo fun?

    It doesn't matter if you're a kid or an adult, when it comes to plinking with Aguila 22lr ammunition, everyone's a kid again! There's nothing quite like the thrill of lining up some cans and getting to blast away. With Aguila 22 long rifle bullets, even novice shooters can have a great time honing their shooting skills and hitting their targets. So, revive your inner kid and spend a day out in the sun plinking with Aguila - you won't regret it!

    What to use for a Plinko De Mayo target?

    Any reasonably sized object, from a soda can or a charcoal briquet to an arbitrary spot on a tree can be used as a target. A plinking target will also often react much more positively to a hit than a paper target will, either with an audible impact, or visual confirmation by moving, splattering or falling over. Some suggestions are below:

    • Balloons
    • Pinatas
    • Golf balls
    • Hard Mexican Candy
    • Soda Cans

    How do you celebrate it with Aguila?

    • Find Aguila 22 Long Rifle ammunition by visiting our “find a retailer” page and type in your zip code to find the closest retailer!

    • Then create your "Plinko De Mayo" video and tag us @aguilaammo for a chance to win a swag bag and to get featured in our story.

    • Don't forget to use our hashtags: #plinkodemayo #aguilaplinko #aguilarimfire #shootmorerimfire #aguila22lr

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