1 3/4 in. | 5/8 Ounce | 18 Grams | 4B (7p) 1B (4p) Shot


MINISHELL MEETS MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE. Our 1 3/4″ Minishell nearly doubles the capacity of shotguns. We are the original manufacturer offering the Minishell buckshot for hunting or defense purposes. The pellets travel at 1,200 ft/sec.








Personal Defense


500 per case

20 per box


Velocity (FPS)

Expert Reviews

Aguila's innovation of the Minishell shotshells, being 1” shorter, resulting in lower recoil, and higher magazine capacity, is a game changer for Shot gun operators in any capacity. It's one of those paradigm changes in munitions, that makes you wonder; Why it didn't already happen?! Also, considering they manufacture a variety of loads, I plan on using them exclusively. Thanks Aguila!

Winston F Buckley

I own a retail guns/ammo store. We've been selling Aguila since just after we opened with 100% positive feedback on every caliber. Best stuff we can find for the money.

Gabe Royer

I've shot thousands of rounds of everything from 22 (from 20 grain sub sonic to match grade) 9mm 38 special 45acp, 12 gauge and many more and I have never had any of their ammo fail to fire or run in any of my guns and I run them in my every day Carry 9mm and my 12 gauge night stand gun I trust no other brand more to protect myself or family than AGUILA AMMO!

Luke Gentle

Aguila ammo is a very high-quality ammo with an awesome price! I buy with confidence. 50,000 rounds strong.

Walsh Jewell

We use Aguila ammo for all of our shooting. We have 5 grandchildren who love to come over and shoot with us.

Lynn Vought

I've shot 500 rounds of Aguila. I bought from them because they sell to our military and law enforcement and have the best prices. These rounds are cleaner compared to some other rounds that I've shot and they all go boom…

Luis Dominguez

warning: Cancer and reproductive harm