Made in Mexico. Proven Around The World.

Aguila was conceived in 1961 in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Today, Aguila is Latin America’s foremost ammunition maker and one of the world’s largest producers of ammunition.

Shooting for superior Quality.

At Aguila, only the best materials enter our factory and the only the best products leave it. We have a careful and extensive process of sourcing raw materials to ensure everything we create provides unparalleled performance.

A Partnership With Powerful Results.

In 2011, Aguila partnered with TXAT to begin a facility-wide Modernization and Optimization initiative. This project has helped redefine our ammunition production and reliability and has also increased our distribution in North America.

Our Path Forward.

Just as quality has always been highly prized within the company, so, too, has innovation. We have pushed the boundaries of innovation in velocity, accuracy, precision, and power to create the very best ammunition. And today we are proud to offer a wide range of ammunition including Rimfire, Centerfire and Shotshells with a future that has never looked brighter.